Words That Change


We find a quiet place to sit down and tell each other stories and share our inspiration. Here conversation moves in rhythms and findings shared and lives erased and merged together.

We ask for peace and depth. Shy joy in each other’s cheeks and love coursing through our veins with alcohol and mirth.

We sit and ask you to listen and share your story too. The fire’s still warm and there’s no limit to how wide this circle can grow. Please, come in.

The following are artists and good people:


Irati is a friend of mine from bohemian Edinburgh days. An artist and performer her sincere journals move with their stark struggle, eternal hope and humour. Irati is one of life’s magic ones


Pixie has red hair and a passion for the Earth and the fruits it provides. Currently in Spain on a permaculture retreat, her life tells of continuous delight in simple pleasures, sometimes over-awed by complexity of human reaction to a good soul doing her work. Expect photos of bikes and catalogues of smells.


If the Beats all resurrected and needed a tour guide to course them through modern times they would surely call on Hesq. Rarely seen outside a three piece suit the man has already catapulted and broadsided his own career several times. Thankfully, his output gets better and better. Check out the Newsdesk for his latest paintings and writing.

Charlie Calleja

A good friend and exquisite songwriter, he’s been writing since he was 16 and I’ve known him about as long. Bringing a side-eye to film and music, this blog links through to the man’s myspace page, which is not to be missed!

Morten Arstad

Is a perfectionist of a photographer. Taking in the breadth and quality of Amsterdam nightlife in his easy Nordic stride, he has a talent for capturing the rhythm and spark of the environments he photographs.

Ras Babi

A healer crying for Africa. Ras Babi ran a drama group in Edinburgh which I was involved with for a while and played no small part in my learning to write. The inspiration and encouragement the man has given is a gift no student can hope to repay. For myself and countless others. The soul in his writing is only bettered by his ability to conjure an experience using actors, musicians and a participative crowd.

Bob Hillary and the Massive Mellow

Take it Slow – Bob Hillary from The Garden on Vimeo.

Rootsy minstrels deriving from Edinburgh, with a flair for folk, reggae and dubby touches. I love this music, it reminds me of some special times with good people around an interesting scene in Edinburgh

Scenes not people (though in them people reside)

The Museum of the Bohemian, Amsterdam

This place allows it all to happen. To encourage and develop new art in Amsterdam the place rings in evry new home with peace and creativity and draws a special crowd. You know, the type with shining eyes and nowhere to go.

Forest Cafe, Edinburgh

A nurturing school for me in the ways of freedom and manifested goodwill. By day the place serves good coffee and vegan food made by volunteers. By nights, something very special happens.

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