Words That Change


Diary – these things happen semi-daily.

Of – Preposition; used to indicate origin, derivation or source.

An – Indefinite article, used before a vowel.

Unborn – What is yet to arrive, but everywhere present.

Writer – Words n’stuff.

I write and am mainly based in Amsterdam. This blog is the more poetic outburst of a more professional front that includes copywriting and storytelling. I love words, I love the way they move people. I love the way they can suggest a reality that does not need words at all.

This is a quiet blog, but your comments and participation gratify this writer’s heart very much. Sharing what moves us is probably the greatest companionship there can be.

If you’d like to get in touch, find my details here: http://www.wordsthatchange.nl


  1. I love your writing and I love what you do (sustainability), so please write mroe on this topic. I have tons of questions about God and the Universe, so am always open for a heavy dialogue or debate.

  2. Hi 365,

    That’s kind of you to say. I look forward to a good conversation!

    I’ll see what comes up about sustainability. I think the last one I wrote on this was: http://wp.me/pQKqa-O.

    Sustainability seems to be a topic that encompasses doing everything well. Looking after each other, the place where we live and acknowledging ourselves as socially-oriented beings. Taking care of these things in all aspects of life seems to me pretty healthy.

    See you soon,


  3. Where does the name come from? Or is that a silly question?

    • Hi Viv,

      Not such a silly question. Arjuna is a mythical (myth = depiction of truth) character from the Indian epic the Mahabharata. He was the greatest archer in the world.

      Octupuses are wonderful creatures.

      The two names have a deeper meaning for me and together are able to sum up almost everything I do.

  4. According to the English Robin Hood was hte greatest archer…but I take the point.
    I am rather fond of octopusses myself (or ought that to be octopi?) and have admiration for them; one that lives in a Sealife centre further up the coast from me astounded its keepers by being able to solve quite complex problems, previously presumed to be beyond the cerebral capacity of such a creature. The octopus got fed up of being watched and decided to go into hiding in its tank after a lot of media attention and refused to perfom again. High five (or 8) to that octopus!

  5. Robin was a politician. WilL Scarlet was the shooting ace. Oddyseuss was also a pro, but Arjuna lived at a different time and one could say, a different realm.

    Octopusses are amazing!! They can also stretch into massivley wild shapes and go 6m across if they need to. If this blog does anything it should be a congratulation of this magnificent creature. Any more Octupus trivia, please submit it!!

    Great to have you come by Viv.

  6. Whatever you do, don’t ever go to Nottingham where Robin is revered beyond reason; I have lived there twice. Robin mania is rife; the Merry men barely get a look in.
    I am a great fan of the 80s Robin of Sherwood series which hints at a mystical side to the story; I even use an episode with students. After all, they can’t get away with a stay in England without being introduced to at least one national hero and Shakespeare is beyond then, in most cases(he’s beyond most English kids now but that’s besides the point!)so Robin it is, at least for one lesson.

  7. […] yours And in the overflow Bring others with you. ~ This post is dedicated to 365 who asked me to write on sustainability. Please suggest a topic! Either in the comments or to arjunasoctupus @ […]

  8. I’m so glad you stopped by my neck of the woods, because this blog is brilliant, and so is Poems. The concept behind this is amazing.

    • Hooray! Delighted you find it so. Please come by again. Octupus.

    • Could you post your link here A.M.M. I’m having trouble finding your blog again. Another question: I would love to know what you see as the concept behind this blog. For me it rolls out, so I am interested in your impression.

  9. […] you to Simon Hodges, who graciously allowed me to quote from his Liberated […]

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