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Take this seriously

In Uncategorized on 15 October, 2010 at 10:27

Allow your octopus to take a detour to economics. Oekonimia is the Greek word for home – economics is the study of how we look after ourselves, our households and the planet on which they stand (see Mark Anielski for a stellar survey of this topic).

Ego-nomics, however, is the closeting of people and material goods into a series of short-sighted principles. Chief of these is gain, and this marshal is backed up by an army of mathematical formulae that tend to infinity when they should stop well short. This form of nomics was very handy in the days of empire, when scarcity could be obliterated by some hot foot diplomacy in Brussels (how history repeats…), a red-coated campaign in the Sudan or axe-wielding helmets in Nicaragua (mind your boots on that monkey, Ivo, they might think it’s a man in a few centuries!).

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Diary of an Unborn Writer #57 – Britain just shot Bambi

In Uncategorized on 7 May, 2010 at 11:54

Thanks to the Oregon Commentator for this pic

In Holland on Tuesday, crowds parted in a stampede when a heckler started yelling during a two-minute silence. The Queen was there, laying a wreath at the large monument in Dam square to commemorate the War dead. Watching the pictures, you can see the crowd spread like a ripple around the man, turn and peel away. 60 people were injured and further pictures show the Queen, in high heels and furs, and much beloved by the country, pelting from the scene.

So much for silence.

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Diary of an Unborn Writer#52 – Election matters

In Uncategorized on 11 April, 2010 at 01:11

Nothing’s going on on the TV screens and nothing is going on in the world as Greeks battle creditors and men of three colours shout reprimands and abuse.

Nothing’s going on as the country is waking up and nothing is happening as the recession wasn’t a social crisis we have been told it was meant to be. The people have moved on.

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