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I wrote this for me, maybe it’s also for you.

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We became, by successive divisions, particles of sand scratching around the pearls in our shells. We were making the situation clean, but quite alone. I could not reach you again.

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Octopus recommends: The ‘Bomber’

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The smashing water bottle healer from Zimbabwe

Bomber smashes bottles so the people can be well. Fixing all the belief and the problem of the person is put into the water and then it is smashed. It is just a way of transforming information from one place (the body/psyche) into another and the will of the person to be healed: and the power of Bomber himself, is enough to make the person well.

Thank you Bomber: for healing the people of Africa.

The Octopus

Note: The Octopus and Arjuna interchange, and sometimes write together. This is very much an Octopus posts.

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