Words That Change

The need for quiet writers

A short, pithy article on a new vision for copywriting.

We are over- loaded with brands cajoling our attention. The public – and you, Mrs 200-emails-a-day – are sick of being told of how to think and feel. What they respond to is opportunities to reflect on their own situation, and the possibility that your business has to improve it. This takes sensitivity, and writing quality. It is being spoken to, rather than bellowed at, and we know who we’d rather speak to at the bar.

It also breeds those qualities your marketing team, if you have one, would have bored you with constantly, and you may once have valued, had they not been strained of all meaning through over-use:


the integrity in what you do



The confidence in your customers to make up their own minds, without being told.

In businesses and homes where attentions are over-tested, his gentleness of tone provides relief – accruing benefits to wherever it is housed.

Words That Change
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