Words That Change

The decision making process

Another pithy text on how words can change your mind

Decisions involve an amagalm of both left brain and the right. Right brains control our rationale, our lives as facts. The left brain is its receptive counterpart. It looks at lives as feeling.

In the battle of facts and feeling, feelings win. There is absolutely no reason for having a phone that plays music and offers intuitive touch control. But it sure is cool.

It is also the reason a love poem beginning:

Your eyes are blue

Would have to some ground to catch up on in the lines that follow. Much more ground than say:

Your eyes bring out the dawn in me

Which is more likely to get you some play.

This does not mean you want to address your customer as a lover, but it pays to employ a writer who has that dexterity; relationships being the currency your customers value in the integrity-driven market that’s now taking shape.

Words That Change
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