Words That Change


This is a short biography related to my copywriting operation Words that Change, which will shortly have its own website.

The concept of words that change is that the right language brings your business alive. Too many opportunities are wasted online and in print on tepid words that feel like a wet handshake instead of a warm embrace. Words can do more than capture attention, they allow the story of your business to live in many hearts and minds. If you choose it to be so.

I’ve been working for the last two years at Philips, in Corporate Communications and finally at Design. It’s allowed me to work with some of the best creative and professional minds in the business. I’m now flexing my copywriter’s wings and set my skills on a wider variety of brands and businesses.

I have worked in corporate, NGO and freelance sectors, so know the requirements and different priorities of each. Also, having worked with designers and business people, I can be a bridge between business and creative personalities.

In addition to copywriting, I have worked as an editor, content and social media manager. I can help polish your online and social media strategies as well as do the leg work in community management.

My passion is for longer form articles and research reports as the journey taken to the words, brings me into contact with people and topics I would not have thought to know anything about.

Want to know more….send an email to simon {dot} hodges {at} gmail {dot} com

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