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In poem on 8 March, 2014 at 15:02

For a good friend

The thoughts are grand that tie me down.
There must be better way of dealing with a
child crying its perfection every 15 minutes.
Yesterday you and I spent two straight hours together.

I have held your hand
but you refuse to hold mine
or do so grudgingly.
You are witholding your respect
until I can prove myself.

I wish I could pierce these primal laws
that dictate your jealousy of my freedom,
my desire to support
and the utter hopelessness of the task.
I can barely hold myself.

I will walk, but the road I choose is my own.
If you want to be supported, let me choose the road
and method of transportation.

I am tired of pressure.
A walnut cracks between mountains,
and I am barely a seed.

I need your hand, that is all.
Here is a comfortable place to sit
Here is a basket for clothes
A hamper for food
And our child, well wrapped, for you to hold close.

Sit down there, feet tight into the footwell.
Pack yourself in amongst the cases.

In the morning the wind is coming
and we’ll need to make some headway
whilst it is still night.


In poem on 8 October, 2012 at 00:34

In that delicate night
You and I were

for DvB

The morning will surely come

In poem on 18 June, 2012 at 15:14

If thou speakest not I will fill my heart with thy silence and endure it. I will keep still and wait like the night with starry vigil and its head bent low with patience.

The morning will surely come, the darkness will vanish, and thy voice pour down in golden streams breaking through the sky. Read the rest of this entry »

In poem on 2 June, 2012 at 22:49

The beauty of a woman is all that is beautiful.

The finger rests controlled,

music lives and shines another corner,

she is futile again,

my life unfolds in her delicate petals

gripped and dropping free.

Her eyes – special silence in them

Courage, without a hand I am held

Glance, dip to the right corner

I am lost again

Her eyes are searching all the time

For me to come to.


In the manner of a lover to a woman elsewhere

In poem on 5 April, 2012 at 22:54

I hear somehow you will return

and that you will not.

There is a way that both

are true: Read the rest of this entry »

Diary of an Unborn Writer #47.2 – Purity of Beauty

In diary, poem on 27 March, 2010 at 00:40

The purity of beauty – when we’ve been told it’s just conditioning and hormones – plagues me as I sit on a Friday alone.

This lunar beauty

Has no history

Is complete and early

If beauty later bear any feature

It had a lover and is another*

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Diary of an Unborn Writer #45 – Liberated Poem

In poem on 12 March, 2010 at 17:35

We’ve been calling in an awesome tinted swirl. That this wasn’t for another, it was for someone else at all. We’ve been watching in a squall for moving to emerge and take us from our island we saw from movie theatre chairs and looked at each other as the silver scattered shadows between our faces

and asked.

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