Words That Change

A story for someone who may feel delicate and alone

In Uncategorized on 2 October, 2013 at 13:36

In that delicate night, you and I were like candles, simmering amongst waves. We created a stream between us so the waves dived down and we could rest in ourselves and go diving.

We discovered, together, underwater caves and rolled off the tops of strange boxes to discover:


Fish became curious and began to help us as we swam, collecting and dispersing gems to where they needed to be. The sea is a vast network, we could not possibly cover it alone. The fish were there to help. As were lobsters, jelly fish and marvellous multi-coloured eels, unknown to science until that time. Having collected and dispersed a great deal of treasure, we swam to the top all smiles. You handed me an Egyptian desert rose. It had been preserved under the water and over time.

In our diving our candles had become brighter and we made a little more imprint on the wave tops shining so other lights were attracted to our own.

It almost appeared as if we had our own light family. Or a friendly constellation we could call community. All with their own lights, brightened by endeavours that involved for some lying on sea shores and others even flying. Some had just floated because they were particularly good at it. But you and I were divers and so to brighten that is what we had to do. Our lights accumulated gradually coming to us one by one. It was a slow the process and some would arrive brightly and leave quickly. Others would come almost unannounced and we wouldn’t notice them until their beams cast shadows on the waves. It turned out those candles were especially useful after all.

We also never really talked about what we had seen. It was digested within us and emanated as pure light. As with others, we circulated in bright community and when the waves grew too tall we either gathered closer for comfort or formed a wider circle for flexibility. On quiet days, when the sea was silk-ink-black, we would just drift.

And when the waves were too high, or when we felt like it, we could just dive and become brighter, lighter and braver through our swimming.


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