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The spirit of play

In Uncategorized on 1 December, 2011 at 19:08

I recently attended a thrilling workshop – honestly, it thrilled – helping individuals become greater change agents in their spheres. On the ground with the people they love, in places they care about. I wrote something about it here.

I’m loving the way writing and storytelling is a force through which others are allowed to speak. Both create a space for your expression, for your insights to infuse and culminate in something to be taken away and benefit your life. I don’t know where these words come from but they seem to hit a note with different people at different times. Often they don’t seem so relevant to me, and then somone responds: I’m so glad you wrote that. This is probably the greatest joy, to spark a commune-ity of online feeling and being, even if you pass here for a moment and we never see each other again. Even anonymously, it all helps swell this deep sea feeling of those wanting/persuaded to be caressed by words, or lulled into their own deep comfort. A reminder of our hearts so available to rest in.

We’re at such a critical time in our lives. We’re forced to go deeper and engage with those around us, face problems we see blown up large in the small scale in our little existences, and to face these problems in a spirit of play and play until the music stops, and then just keep going because we know no other other.

Here’s to more playing with my blog-friends, as it links seamlessly into our human, real communities: always appreciating your presences, comments and connections made here.

Now for my favourite song of winter:


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