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The internet’s revelation of the psyche

In Uncategorized on 22 September, 2011 at 15:53

But humanity’s future world is neither material nor spiritual, it is psychic

Barry Long

Now to apprciate what Barry Long means by psychic requires reading of his excellent, spell-binding and mind-enhancing The Origins of Man and the Universe, written in 1984. In it he reveals and dispells many myths.

By psychic he is referring to humanity’s deep mind, what Jung might call the collective unconscious: the cumulative past of all human – and terrestial – thought and action. Long asserted that we need to face up to this past in its entirity as individuals in order to inherit our full conscious power, able to be responsible for our lives on Earth and make it into the paradise that is its potential. I am filling in a bit but this is the gist (seriously, you should read that book!).

My point today is more innocent and slightly less all-embracing. I am thinking if the number of ideas we are able to process and expected to process a second compared with 15-20 years ago. Many (though not all RGL!) of the older generation find it difficult still to bowl through email at pace, cannot comprehend Twitter or even why people find it amusing. You can also compare an early episode of the Simpsons – slow-paced, obvious – with its more recent output – 7-12 plot lines in a show, a bizillion cultural references. Compare also an episode of Friends with its successor How I Met Your Mother. HIMYM apes Friends in its core concept, but the succession of jokes, cultural references and plot lines is far more intricate and self-revealing than Friends ever was. It also happens to be a lot more funny.

This is a rosy view of television and media, but shows their potential to improve ourselves. The psychological (Long would say psychic) ability to process so many megabits when introverted could be a facility to help make us more aware: of the intricacy and absorption provided by our natural environments.

Does this post make sense? Does it irritate or stimulate you? Let me know below.

  1. I am definitely intrigued by your post! Are you saying that the fast pace of our current culture is making us more aware, more able to absorb and consequently more adaptable? I am one who gets rather befuddled by the volume of information, more so than its rapidly changing nature. I can barely get a grasp long enough to feel the speed. Maybe, if I hang in there, I’ll get accustomed to taking in more information – which will expand my capacities in many ways! Thanks, Arjuna for stirring my mind.

    • Hi Alexandra,

      Thanks for your thoughtful response. I think that’s the opportunity but rather than hanging in there see if you can enjoy it. If you can’t enjoy it, then there might be an indication your talents are better otherwise invested. It should be playing more than working.

      Thanks for coming by!

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