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Save the Forest

In Uncategorized on 4 September, 2011 at 11:00

The Forest Café in Edinburgh is a rough jewel in a UK landscape trying to squeeze everything into square plastic cubes. A place for free expression and experimentation. It is volunteer run and is currently trying to buy its space after the current building owners have gone into administration.

It’s depressing that more soul-less development is likely for a space that does so much to give the city its heart.

Watch the video and give if you can.

The Forest was the first place someone challenged me to write, to stand up on stage and read to people what I had written. It provided a community in the post-uni years when all the graduates fled south. It also was somewhere I could contribute to and learn from experiences, in a different way to a job or otherwise.

It was a place I met people such as Ryan van Winkle, Ras BabiDan Gorman and Jed Milroy – all doing brilliant work in Edinburgh and across the world. For at least two of them, their proving ground was the Forest Café. And this is not to mention the brilliant people too many to mention that coloured my life and afternoons. Working, performing and dancing alongside.

It will live on, in any case but to retain its current location would be a boon for central Edinburgh and the surrounding community.

And I have not even mentioned the Forest Fringe.

Ways to get involved:


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