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A strange and truthful time

In Uncategorized on 9 August, 2011 at 17:20

Difficult to offer insight when the facts are not fully known. Strange that we would be so ready with solutions for events that should be unexpected. Perhaps they were not.

I would like not to sneer. To see what is happening as a confirmation of a previously held view. I would like to remain detached. This anger, so expressed is not ill-disciplined or immoral. It is a natural outcome of people that have had enough. How can a community possibly relate when its central hubs are FootLocker and MacDonalds? The targets are well chosen, though communities themselves to blame for not creating their own channels, despite massive pressure not to do so.
I remember the festivals where people sat in rings, greatly silent. Someone struck up a guitar while we nibbled on flapjacks and sipped tea, supplemented with other drugs: sassafras roots soaked in milk that gave an immolient and gentle high. It seemed like a natural way to be, once the drugs have been removed. That connections are cherished like sweet toast and eye lights replace the bright lights of fast food and retail joints.
The people chose their targets well. They were not in it for the money, but prestige. “Where were you when…?” “Stevie got himself a MacBook”. It is not an economic comment but a social one, when social lines forced to run on such esteem then cruelly taken away when the support dried up. The people flipped. Inevitably.
It is not an economic lack, but one of care. But then who would run in with arms in a startling embrace to people who have been taught to spit and hack to survive? The toughness required to teach respect, and gradually let the gentleness in.
Amongst all this architecture, and obsession with square bricks. Quick win shopping developments and a terrible sympathy that either patronises or exploits but refuses to engage. Britain’s short arms revealed again. May the rioting go on and on. Until the feeble husk is exposed and allowed to collapse.
Britain: it’s time to get the wonder back.

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