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In Uncategorized on 28 June, 2011 at 11:42

…on education.

I think this is a great development. I studied for a year at McGill in Montreal, Canada and this was a vital part of the end of term. Feedback was taken very seriously, and innovations introduced, occasionally with lecturers replaced. Of course it needs sensible moderation by administrators.

The engagement over there, embarrassingly for the no fees lobby, was also due to fee paying, because most folks parents had taken a third mortgage on their house in order for them to be there, and the students worked summer’s to buy clothes and eat.

I’m still not persuaded either way, I think free education worked best when people were more civically engaged. Now we’re a little more selfish and less enthused by institutions, unless they can sparkling and flashy things move very fast in front of our eyes.




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