Words That Change


In Uncategorized on 22 May, 2011 at 16:50
I’ve become a sea and you call me and I’ve become a man again
Small cares and envies where before I knew none.
The sea doesn’t know your name but holds your face intimately
The man couldn’t hold you for a second without wandering on.
Call my sea, my gentle love, the one who stands by me
Without a need to call away, but rests, and moves beside me as I yearn
And seek others to move in.
You are such a gentle one, and I’ve scarcely grown tired of the way you turn with such grace to kill my uncertainty.
Call to the sea in me, the man is too small to hold what you offer. His sight is too small, you are too grand and you deserve to swim.
Not be held tight so you’ll fall again.

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