Words That Change

Train ride

In Uncategorized on 9 January, 2011 at 21:09

Morning train. Hums of commuters sit in mild slumber fields as telegraph poles ricochet by. Two men, both in headphones sit with eyes closed and mouths gently ajar. One has his chin cupped in his palm with two fingers pointed up the side of his cheek. Tinkles resonating into the surrounds suggest he is listening to Beethoven. There’s headphones on the woman beside me – in the adjacent quadruplet of seats an Indian woman is on the phone. There are a lot of phones and phones on heads and I’m raising suspicion by tapping on a laptop. My thumb finding keys so i can hold the device still and while I type. Roadways threaten at our sides and gravel trawls the space between lines. In the gap we are waiting to begin. Day about to enthrall itself to many-manifested cares.


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