Words That Change

A character writes

In Uncategorized on 1 January, 2011 at 20:21
There are things I have been trying to comprehend over these last weeks and months. None of them have come to fruition. But they happened. This post is a chance to come to terms with all that and communicate to you – the reader – how it transpired that I should be sitting here on a Saturday talking to you.
It went like this:
She was…
I am…
Neither knows where it is going but the hope that has driven us together is now forcing us apart. To give up hope and find her still standing there seems an impossibility to me now, but it’s the only way forward.
She could be…
It is…
One of those dreams whose dreaming has long since exhausted itself. There are only steps to take, words to be communicated and a situation to resolve.
She is
We are
Full in understanding that there can never be a situation that will be ideal. A will to keep it going and knowing of the outcome are not the same thing. The decision however is the same. The defence rests and with it, all hope.

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