Words That Change

There could be more than this

In Uncategorized on 29 November, 2010 at 16:00

There could be more than this

I have heard it told

That conversation you repeated

5 times a week to

Another unlistening ear

Generation of goodwill

Poured out of hessein sacks

To be trampled into dust


There could be more than this

Though you would often not know it

We reach for our favourite cup

Cook a meal with familiar ingredients

Though never the same food

It was a recipe your mother used to cook

And works fine for you

On odd days of the week

Pasta and ketchup pales

The other four


There could be more than this

You’ve heard it said

There could be…indeed was… a time

When it seemed to open up

Chance in your lap plucked

A sleeve to quell the frustrations

Of pains grown too slowly

Requests denied

Initiatives unacted upon

Erased for that single day

And without mercy

Took away the possibility

For an actual play


You were

Not invincible

Slightly scared that the

Universe should ask your opinion

Without you having to assert it

Into remote bushes of arguments

Where nothing ever gets done

This time it would happen

And falling about you

Was the chance you could

Cock up

It was liberating

So much so

You took another drink at the bar

And let this one pass you by

There could be more.


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