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Dark and light

In Uncategorized on 9 November, 2010 at 14:00

It could be beacuse it has Hallowe’en, All Souls day and All Saints day mark a passage  of reprieve.

And it could be that Robert G. Longpré wrote about the damning exit from a belief system with a hellish photo essay that is similar to one I am experiencing.

And it could that I have just been given a copy of the Marriage of Heaven and Hell by William Blake by a dear friend and am devouring it with “Damn Braces. Bless Relaxes” cited as one of the Proverbs of Hell.

Original Illustration from the Marriage of Heaven and Hell by William Blake, thanks Levity

And it could because a poem I wrote six months ago popped up in reverse on one of the comments of another post two weeks ago.

But I thought it’s about time to publish these poems that materialised together from two authors that have never met but admire each other’s work. My little self and 365daysinthisbeautifulife … enjoy!


Dark Dawns

Represses facet that is not felt or said

But is expressed as release

Two poles of a sphere come together

Itself to disappear

This is the learning and the learned

The fighting and the sky

The love in a terrible beauty

The asking to be free


Let there be light:

Shine –

Across dark facets of life; Illuminate-

The brilliance of the ordinary.

Extraordinary glimmers

Dance like diamond lustres

On ordinary waves

On ordinary days.


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