Words That Change

She came from the sea

In Uncategorized on 20 September, 2010 at 17:49
She came from the sea and when on land found people to be interested in, meals to eat, and several generous cups of wine.
Time was to be spent doing what one enjoyed,  rather than needed to.  People were more important than tasks.
It was a sunny day.  It frequently was when she was found in her hammock with a book on a Saturday morning.  It had the look of many other Saturdays.
But something in the air had changed.
What had changed she could not explain.  As her work’s  social supervisor she had seen her role grow, seen progress in her colleagues, and could see that they were now possessed with sufficient capability that she could leave.
But where? And what to do?
The question plagued as she combed pages of Jonanthan Saffran Foer, changing between cups to different varieties of tea.  It was Saturday with nothing much to do, but the growing nugget in her belly could not ignore that change was afoot.  She simply needed to make a break.
The kitchen had, idly set around, pasta curls yet to be cleared up, an open cookery book and a bottle of wine that had been half-consumed the night before. This would help,  she thought, uncloud the cobwebs, bring some clarity to her decisions.  She did not know why, but she knew they had to made today.
The decisions became so clear that by 3pm she was seated with an open map book at the kitchen and a notebook was receiving pencilled instructions about places to go. A laptop at the elbow was receiving further instructions and google was hurrying through pages at knots. Indonesia, Mozambique, Tahiti, Zanziba, California, Alice Springs, Universal Studios – there were a ton and several more loads of experiences to be devoured, crossed off, have photo books made about, and here she was, with the power of the army general, directing her army of selves to different points in time throughout the next year.  She imagined the transformation that would come with each one, imagined the woman that would come back.
Half a bottle was enough. The year was planned, the forces deployed.  Just the resignation letter to write.

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