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Non-diary: A brief analysis of the times

In Uncategorized on 9 August, 2010 at 23:10

I’ve attempted to write one of these before – a little “where we’re at” piece to try to explain the world to ourselves. Not for analysis, but a sense of release. To provoke in the reader a “Oh, that IS what’s going on.” Not to find out but to recognise, to resonate and have a small party in clarity. With such noble hopes, we go on.

Civilisation – the combined cultures of the world – is in a state of hysterical despair. The despair comes from a directionless, wayward sense of where the world needs to go now, and the many crushing problems that beset it. For all our rhetoric, we have few solutions and the immensity of crises, and myriad reports of breakdowns and potential threats, freaks us to the bottom.

The hysteria comes in the escape from this despair/general hopelessness. It manifests in the chasing of cultural trends, desperate surges and waves of media hype. Passing bands, comedy series that are passed around frenetically. And why not?  We’re so busy consuming and soothing, we’ve got nowhere else to go and we hardly listen or watch with any integrity. Each passing megabit of music, film of comedy show is imbibed to feed an addiction to discover more. Without absorption, to allay the pain. We are at saturation.

We are also witnessing astonishing creativity, and this comes in the moments of freedom lurches. It is not the turgid repitition that comes on facebook, but a gentle listening or a surrender to the rush.

Forests and water would serve us better to quieten the mind.

Politicians have been looking more for opportunity than any sense of building for so long we’ve lost an understanding of how to govern. We’ve also lost, as the baby boomers retire, the last barriers to conservatism that made management balanced and made sense. It even had a sense of fun. The following generation are shits. Their solutions are like David Cameron and Obama: vapid, with tearable skin and an over-reliance on military.

We’re chasing trends and getting excited by openings because, truth be known, there is precious hope left. Not that there is not radiance shining in the heart of every being, there is. But the pressures exerted on the psyche at this time: hopelessness, an end of an era eating up the last of its ideas, environmental crisis, political bollocks, military subversion widespread abuse and the definition of the modern condition: alienation.

And this is very much the point: we’re chewing on the last of the cud to ready ourselves for the twilight, long dark night and golden dawn. It’s as if an over-saturated media is like the maw of a giant, racing through our collective subconscious*, sapping up our thrills and temporary pleasures in preparation for something deeper, more completely pleasurable, more long term, less cost based, more rhythmic in symmetry, art and tomfoolery. More independent, less corporate, more juicy less shallow, more of a breath for our yearning souls, less of a disappointed whisper, less frustration, more catharsis, more immersed, less floating. More stars, brighter sun. Two and their cousins, melting into one.

Its the idea of a tired decade collapsing in on itself – the lingering whoop of a rock crowd when the band played on. It’s the lowering of a cigarette from a mouth in wry recognition, that lungs aside, it’s so god damn good. Alcohol that drives you giddy without a drink.

Truth 1: We live in a radiant universe

Truth 2: We’re blind to it

Truth 3: More and more people are opening their eyes and as they do – ignore the hiherto ripples, there’s a storm a blowing in coming years – the collective effects of enlightened behaviour will cause governments to fall, systems to collapse and the setting up of arrangements that will allow us to live more fully.

Truth 4: It might not be that comfortable.

The building up of psychic pressure that we experience, is precisely the means of our liberation – to be recognised, and absorbed. Not avoided and not rationalised. The old ways have absolutely no lessons for what is happening now. Keynes is irrelevant, the Bible told us but we long ago stopped listening. It’s the freedom of Tao breaking forward, the rapid change of the unchangeable making itself known.

It is not a time to hold onto your hat, but to throw it in the air.

Pleasure/pressure/time collapsing into one.

*Did you see Inception?  It’s purpose was very much this. A deeply healing film and not to mention: way awesome.

  1. Wow! Thrilling. My hat is as high as a kite!

    Truth 1 & 2 reminds me of ‘Flecky on the necky’

    * Lol. You managed to squeeze in Inception.

    Come to Edinburgh?! Oh, go on!

  2. Dean – delighted you’re so excited. Flecky on the Necky definitely reminiscent of that. Inception did get a mention – have you seen it yet?

    Edinburgh a shoe in once I have enough money. I am optimistic but that doesn’t change the fact I am optimistic and broke. Yet.

    Stay well DK x

  3. A very clear spiraling sculpture-image of the present. Precious hope is there… cannot avoid however the feeling that I am consciously ignoring the crumbling down cliffs.

    “way awesome” would be indeed the definition…I watched it 2x.:)

    • Slowhandz – Thank you.

      I wouldn’t to worry about ignoring, that’s why we have internet 🙂

      The crumbling is evident. It could be saved by an up-swoop of another trend and so far in history this is what has happened. Continuity appears but it is a merging of culminating forces. Like different vegetables in the same soup.

      Haven’t had the courage to see Inception twice. I’m worried I’ll see round the outside of its ideas and it won’t be as fascinating.

      So the crumbling is one thing – what about the response (or appropriate vegetable)?

  4. You mean the appropriate veggie will save the soup? 😛 Mmmm…*cogitating*

    I would say the crumbling is the result of a force inbalance… The forces are ideas/ideologies/policies and as long as there is one taking over everything (in my mind present day capitalism for instance)there will be a catastrophe (even though “small” catastrophes often lead to highly productive states or new ideas to be born). I think that diversity of ideas, or say forces of all natures (even the ones I totally do not subscribe to), is essential so that the cliff doesn’t crumble irreversibly to nothingness.

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