Words That Change

A letter on plans and self-sufficiency

In Uncategorized on 21 May, 2010 at 20:37

Hello everyone,

Thanks to your encouragement and participation with this blog. The short form of writing is working well and I am grateful for the comments that these little pieces and the poems get.

Is there any type of content you think is working well? Something you would like to see posted more on? Should I be reading your blog for more inspiration of content? Please let me know by commenting below.

My small plans for the coming months are to include a gifts section. Tribal communities around the world worked almost exclusively with gifts – what you gave you received in return. The idea is create a channel for those that can/wish to support the writing (and the writer!) on this blog and help him to produce more free stuff. I plan to make most of my future books, poems and other collections available as free downloads, or published directly as blog posts. By giving gifts however, you’ll get a little extra.

You will be able to for instance sponsor posts, or buy fancy hard copies of the collections/content posted here. You will also be able to request particular topics be written on or buy rights to first editions.

The idea is to create basic ways that people of different levels can offer me some financial support – avenues of patronage you could say.

Also, by signing to a publisher, I would no longer have ownership of my own material. This way I can self-publish, on local presses and obtain revenue directly from those that can while at the same time, reaching as broad an audience as possible by keeping ALL OF THE CONTENT FREE.

I made the last part in capitals, because it is important. We all need to earn a buck but we also need to safeguard the joy reading for as wide an audience as we can.


Please leave below. Thanks again all. The small community around this blog is a very great support.


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