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Diary of an Unborn Writer #59 – Wine and Nick

In diary on 9 May, 2010 at 20:18

A calm.

There’s a wind around you as Laura Marling strums to serried lovers. An album laid aside for some time but now comforting at the right time.

You took some steps to the supermarket. Bought toothpaste and cigarettes. You don’t know what else to do. The emotions have laid over you thick for a few days. The black smog thinly revealing at times. Everything’s OK. It’s just a cloud.

Red wine helped a little too. How could it not?


Wind has a way of coming and going and seeming all around. It’s been a few days since the trigger – an unexpected shock of an election and the letting go of a loved one. A beautiful conflagration of events that allowed one to sink into the other. One to complement the other, advise it as to how it should be handled.

The goodbye seems to come a few months after the split. She was your dame for a few  months and quite a time was had and then a peaceful parting and then a goodbye. She didn’t hear the last bit. It happened as the results were announced for Houghton and Sunderland South.

~  o ~

She glanced and because she couldn’t look at anything directly, took a few steps to the side. Those eyes looked in black with purple circles round them from the side he saw them again. Glancing away.

The music was never jazz – american rock, synth pop, electro blues or teen bands cooking new tunes. It was ease and space and he would look at her sew – paint with threads – and observe a master. He was a master watcher and so he saw the days unfold.

He wanted to publish everything he had written to her. He believed it was a letter to a heart’s buried treasure and he had watched in privilege as she had grown and known in a small way his watching had contributed to the growth. The intoxication as lying on their backs stoned they listened again…was it the Stones or another number – the lilt and tones sounded perfect again as they could kiss. They did have a swell time.

They had a time that ticked like a clock and like a clock kept on going as the two hands moved away and they haven’t seen each other since then. A black cat comes to visit and he wonders in her air of sweet undoing if she remembers him or recalls…he’s a little more sentimental than most.

She took a few steps to the side again and pressed play…

Alice ~ Tom Waits
Don’t Look Back into the Sun ~  The Libertines
If You’re Feeling Sinister ~ Belle & Sebastian
White Winter Hymnal ~ Fleet Foxes
Which Will ~ Nick Drake
The Wrote & The Writ ~ Johnny Flynn & The Sussex Wit
No Culture Icons ~ The Thermals
Heartbeat ~ Jose Gonzales
Jesus Loves Me  ~ CocoRosie
Roll Away Your Stone ~ Mumford & Sons
Blue Turning Gray ~ Clap Your Hands Say Yeah
Another Song for a Blue Guitar  ~ Red House Painters
  1. So you wrote this?

  2. I’d be more then happy to do so! I happen to be a writer myself.

    • Aha! Any links/writing you would like to share? I have a friend who only replies to posts with a story or a poem. I would love to get that tradition going on this blog. 😀

  3. Well, I have a short peice on webook.com : http://www.webook.com/submission.aspx?p=299e2f85da254b67a6956a18920b3ff3&st=7bafc9b3246d4e1a87bafba0cb129918

    But other then that, my anonomys writings deserve to stay unnamed.
    Besides my own blog : http://caughtinacatastrophe.wordpress.com
    Which I take pride in attempting to keep up to par with my own writing standards.

  4. Hi LR,

    What other standards are there? 😉
    I took a look at your blog and like the playful way you have with words. Seeing the same thing from many angles. Look forward to more!

    • Haha, well thank you.
      There are many angles to look at. I enjoy playing with my words a bit.

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