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Diary of an Unborn Writer#52 – Election matters

In Uncategorized on 11 April, 2010 at 01:11

Nothing’s going on on the TV screens and nothing is going on in the world as Greeks battle creditors and men of three colours shout reprimands and abuse.

Nothing’s going on as the country is waking up and nothing is happening as the recession wasn’t a social crisis we have been told it was meant to be. The people have moved on.

Cynical obsessions with poll numbers and party lines have reminded our politicians not to lead, or serve, or remind them that the country needs to play a role in a world-wide awakening. The land needs its gifts back, the people need their voice. And you’re squabbling over till receipts and presenting your wives as modern women. The people have moved on.

The people have moved on but aren’t saying a word. Blog forums, articles tell tales far away from the cares of you and I. Our future, our lives are being lived in thrilling imagination away from cares and teeth and charms.

There are 1001 changes to be made but no one can speak them in any coherency. We’re moving to a world where money matters slightly less, people are valued more – the planet where we live treated as a sacred king.

But nothing is happening on the TV screens and bitch fighting loons remind us how far we have lost our way. What we need to do to bring it back.

Do a little everyday – this is not some mighty heave of a collusus – but an eco-system with many arms. Do a little, ride your bike, take a little extra care, find 5 minutes in a chair where you do absolutely nothing. Study creases in the wall or strike conversations with flies.  Spend a little more time alone. Cherish solitude as a precious friend. Learn to make a perfect cup of tea. Look at art. Watch good movies. Don’t watch TV if it doesn’t nourish you, though don’t be parsimonious about East Enders, it has its own education.

Find time each hour to look at your feet. Really look and admire how they help you stand.

Eat better food. Buy yourself an extra coffee and once a month – a massage.

Read good books and test your boredom a little with something tricky or complex.  Reach out a little further to people you don’t know.

Nothing in a newspaper is ever true. If they could give you all the information, they would be out of the job. The ties have been set up to make sure this will not happen.

Good things happen here and we’re not completely lost. Just in a little disarray. What is certain however is that something is happening and one by one, we’re each of us seeing that this is true.

  1. Sage advice Arjuna, would love to know if the flies respond to your outreach?
    Lovely, happy Sunday x

  2. They do Leafy my love – and reward me by staying away. Watching Howl’s Moving Castle. Hope your Sunday’s been nice too xxx

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