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Diary of an Unborn Writer #46 – Novel ambitions

In Uncategorized on 20 March, 2010 at 21:36

What I want to achieve with this novel is to conjure up a life lived with other people. It is not a vicarious idea, but ultimate discovery of yourself lies in the other. That is to say it is only when we see the other as ourselves that our own true nature is revealed.

My own life feels like a discovery of meeting different and inspiring people, reading their work and writing a little about them. Fully lived, my life expresses itself in the joy of others and a passionate resilience to play it s it comes.

The meetings in the book take place over eight hours in Amsterdam, a magical city and somewhere I have enjoyed living and discovering in for the last 18 months.

At this stage the novel(la) is a few scenes on scraps of paper and a structure these have been woven into. Once these are in place the unifying themes of the story become apparent and can be more deeply woven into each scene, the thinking goes. The delight and discovery of crafting this into a work lies very much ahead. It needs to be more than a story, but be an aid to shaping the perceptions of the reader, become a deeply felt experience for them and expand their insight into what it is to human.

The concept of the wanderer is also prominent. I wonder if we live a life based on choice, instinct or fate. Certainly the most enriching experiences thus far have been those I cannot say to have chosen, but they revealed to me certain aspects of myself I have since come to cherish and explore further.

This depth of life and enjoyment through it are my treasures – even as sadness and anger seep in between. The latter, I’m coming to see as very much included in the former, to be embraced in order to deepen into peace. A recent poem alluded to this existing of duality in its own melting point. The division is abstract perception and not the reality of things.

I hope I will be able to offer more insight into the writing and crafting of the book as it unfolds. I am told that Andre Gides diaries during the writing of The Counterfeiters is a fine example of a Master at his craft. This work will be a lot shorter and certainly not as good, but I am hoping it will contribute in its way to the universal magic and help its readers to feel the same.

  1. I like the style and feel of this blog. I like how you write– somewhat like the style I had before I started writing on my present project. Your thoughts are kind, and reaching, like the branches of a friendly tree.

    I am happy to have found you.

    • Hi 365,

      I am happy that you are reading. Please come back from time to time, I would like to hear your thoughts on what I am writing, especially as your own writing has such a hypnotic intensity.

      ‘See’ you soon,


    • Hi 365 (is that the proper way to address you?),

      What is your current project. I have been reading your blog and found it massively intense. Is that your real life, or fiction?

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