Words That Change


In Uncategorized on 6 October, 2009 at 09:07

She was like a window on a blessed soul that had chosen to engage with you for a time. Joycelyn, the red hair, fair skin angel of a woman. She coloured your life in February, stayed through MArch and by June you were virtually inseperable. An easy, easy time. She would nibble you knuckles as you cupped her hand around her chin, a jaw line delicate enough to break. She had eyes like sapphire, impossible to describe and evry time you look at her you get the shock that she’s really there. Joycelyn, waiting for tonight at the black lagoo. Angel face, fire hair, a lady to collapse your soul back in on itself.

Beauty never came so rare and for the time it poured onto your life, you’ve been a happy sailor that ever spilled rum on to the sea. The pure salt soaking up the alcohol until all that was left was calm.


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