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Plot wagon #1

In Uncategorized on 27 September, 2009 at 20:03

A world-wide millisecond tap on the world’s internet bank transfers siphons off billions of wealth disappeared to public eyes and resurrected in good will housing schemes worldwide.

  1. There’s a build up of suspense – as Stephen – the only name I can ever think of for a protagonsit – leans to Jesse – the girl he’s trying to pull, just as the cipher is overlaid and the bank millions are about to be unleashed.

    “Remember this” – he moans into her ear “Remember this when it’s all going good. We lived for this. We did it. You and I. Now kiss me.”

    She doesn’t which delivers a delicious unresolved tension through the novel, and not a hint of anguish, as he beds serial ethical yoga hotties, enlightened by his daring.

    Jesse looks on and wonders when the real love will pour through. She’ll wait and wait until it does and then be there for him. No need to do anything for it. She just wanted him to be happy, was never much interested in banks. Or re-housing. just liked the company.

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