Words That Change

Diary of an unborn writer #28

In Uncategorized on 18 September, 2009 at 12:10

There are dimensions in which everything is a sphere, others in which everything is a donut

…and since all experience is a form of some kind there are dimensions of pure love, pure intellect, pure orgasm….

Indeed , Cantor's infinity of infinities, different rhythms and colours and equations of infinities. We compartmentalise it to get by but real understanding needs to include limitlessness at every step.

I wish there was a way we can do that with economics.

Would be good. So phase space is a way of seeing everything just as you want it, spheres, waves or otherwise. Once imagined in phase space the most complex situations can be imagined and manipulated. The space is showing you what's going wrong and demanding you make a tweak.

So these inner shapes are actually imposed?

It's difficult to know which is which. I like to think of it as perception lending itself a hand.


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